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Duncan Cameron
He/Him - Somerset UK

Artist, Teacher & Theatre Prop Maker
EXHIBITION - 'Shock of the Old' Wells and Mendip Museum - Saturday 21st Jan - Sat 4th Feb 2023

2022 - The Arty Teacher BLOG Interview: LINK
2022 - Antony Gormley 'Doubt' Film - Wells: LIN

Instagram @brokensharkcage

Practice Led, Fine-Art PhD ongoing - 'Why as artists do we persist with anachronistic models of collection and display?


I am researching anachronistic cultures of collecting associated with museums, and the accumulation and ordering of mnemonic materials that many of us collate within sheds and attics, through the lens of a sculptural art practice. With a particular focus on the use by artists of taxidermy, diorama, natural history collection and archaeology I am interested in collapsed methodological boundaries and the potential that this liminal space provides for creative play, message making and equivocal readings.

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